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One day Kristen sent Julie a SnapChat (because that’s how they communicate 90% of the time) about randonauting, because of course she did.  After discussing what exactly it was and how it works, Julie came up with the bright idea that “we should keep a journal of our weird randonauting adventures, it could be fun!”.  So they joked about names for their new endeavor and that was that.

Of course, Julie couldn’t just leave it there.  So, over the span of a couple of weeks, she would SnapChat Kristen and suggest the idea of a creating a joint blog to use as an outlet… and since this all took place during the spring of 2020, with Coronavirus and quarantine, having an outlet that they could use how they needed, when they needed with zero rules and a need for a little entertainment sounded like fun.

As Julie snapped thoughts about it… and Kristen never responded with a yes, no, or any thoughts about it whatsoever, Julie decided to take that as a sign that it was meant to be!  So, here we are.

Kristen + Julie

Kristen and Julie met in the 2nd grade and have been BFFs ever since! They have supported each other through relationships, marriages, growing a family, and have plans to live out their golden years together.